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Foster Beasties

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These are animals that are staying in my studio until they can find homes.  Indy Friends of Animals is the sponsor for most of them, and makes sure they have shots and are spayed or neutered before adoption.
They are all healthy, well socialized and almost all of them love to be held and stroked.

Tipitina really wants to find a home.

The little one below is Tippitina from New Orleans.  We call her the Microkitty.  She is about the same age as the one on the left.  Tres petite!  And fearless! 
The buff color boy is one of the "Gang of Four".  They were orphaned when a pack of dogs killed their mother. They were bottle fed for a couple of weeks until they were ready for Kitty City.  Baby Momma took good care of them once they arrived and they are thriving. 

Watching the world go by.

Three of the Gang of Four. Such lovely tummies!

A whole pile of marmalade boys and Miss Calico

One of four little tuxedo kittens from the carrier

Baby Momma arrived with three black kittens. She has generously nursed several of the others.

Sawyer is one of Baby Momma's litter.
He purrs like a sawmill when you pick him up.


Titus was found in a pile of cinder blocks, covered in fleas, hungry and thirsty.  He has made a wonderful recovery and is a peach of a boy!